What are some of the current challenges at JCHS?

Current infrastructure challenges:

 HVAC system is comprised of three different systems which make heating and cooling the facility ineffective and inefficient. The same boiler system from 1958 is still being used.
 Safety Challenges (i.e. bleachers in both gymnasiums)
 Inadequate cafeteria for building population
 Plumbing system is aged and needs continued maintenance
 ADA Challenges such as one elevator for ADA access to certain areas of the building such as Fiffe gym, improper ramps, outdated fire alarm system
 Roof challenges
 Asbestos challenges
 Outdated data systems
 Parking
 Locked in at the current location with no room for expansion/growth.

Current educational challenges:

 JCHS operates under a Career Academy model with 11 career pathways currently being offered, but they lack the ability to fully support some of the pathways in an authentic way. They need space that is intentionally designed to meet the current and future needs of each academy.
 Duplication of educational opportunities in 2 places. (Even though FSA and the main campus are only a mile apart they run a passing bus every hour (i.e. marching band students are bused back and forth). Some staff move back and forth between facilities).
 Main office support personnel (Registrar, Bookkeeper, Data, Scholarship Services, Truancy, Nurse, and some administration) are not grouped together: some offices are in the Main building and others in the Deever building.
 Existing auditorium and stage are too small for performances respective to a 1700 student high school. There is no orchestra room at the high school
 Student busing cost and lost instructional time with staff going between the 9th grade campus and the main campus.

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