Dr. Mardell Maxwell Visits Junction City Middle School

The following article was written by Brooklyn Salzman, 8th Grade Student at Junction City Middle School

On Friday, May 10th, 2019, Dr. Mardell Maxwell came to Junction City to visit with a group of students to talk about some life paths we as students can take to make our future bright. Before my group had our turn to visit with him we went to the front of the school to take pictures. After our pictures were taken a group of 8th-grade students and I went to the conference room where we introduced ourselves. Next, we talked about our passions in life and what it is we wanted to do when we grew up. Soon after our small discussion, we spoke about the struggles we have had in 8th rade such as drama, time management, school subjects, and more. This gave a pathway to our next topic. What we think we are good at as an individual. Personally, I said English. This could be anything such as art, science, or helping out others. Afterwards, we chatted about some challenges we face in school. My peers and I agree on time management. When we figured out and wrote down our struggles we learned new ways to help fix them and healthy habits we needed to have in order to do better, which brings us on to the next conversation we had. Our goals and habits we need to achieve our goals. When we finished speaking about how we could succeed, we had a small conversation about a homework assignment to research a person, place, thing, brand, or something we really like to find out what makes it different and unique. Finally, we wrapped up our conversation by talking about people who inspire us and how we are extraordinary. We got one more assignment to ask someone amazing that we know, how they continue and what helps them be so extraordinary.  Remember to be extraordinary we must have extraordinary habits. 

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