JCHS Students Meet With JCMS Students

This article was written by Lindsay Murphy, 8th Grade Teacher at JCMS. 

On Friday November 16th, student leaders from Junction City High School made a visit to Junction City Middle School to meet with all eighth grade students. JCHS students were placed into teams and each team was assigned an eighth grade classroom. Eighth graders had thirty minutes with their assigned high school students to ask questions about JCHS in a small group setting. JCHS students also had a chance to share about their own personal experiences, what they wish they would have known, etc. Eighth grade students enjoyed the opportunity to meet with JCHS students in a small group setting to ask about things they have been wondering. Dr. Karen Laflin, eighth grade counselor at JCMS, helped to organize this event for her students in an effort to help prepare them for the expectations of high school.

Classroom with JCHS students talking to JCMS students. JCHS and JCMS students.

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