New JCHS Infrastructure Improvements

During a joint Geary County, Junction City, and USD 475 meeting on Monday, October 29, 2018, David Wild, Chief Operations Officer for USD 475 briefed the District’s offer for site improvements to both city and county officials. A final agreement has need been made at the time of this article. The offer consisted of basic improvements to the area that would be necessary to place the new Junction City High School on the western edge of Junction City, Kansas.

Wild mentioned that the District offered to assume the full cost of creating a new road which would run along the east border of USD 475-JCHS property. The road would run to the north border and would cost an estimated $1,952,398. A 31-foot road including curbs and gutters would meet the needs of the new high school, however, Junction City officials wish to add onto that road width by 10 additional feet and extend it north to Rucker Road in order to account for future growth and potentially save money in the future. The city also wants to increase the size of water line service to meet future demands of nearby housing. Officials were also offered the full cost for the Sandpiper Road Sanitary Sewer Main extension, estimated at $163,000, and the full cost of constructing a code compliant 8-inch Water Main Extension, domestic water service and fire loop at a cost of $296,084. The city wishes to add onto this water line project by increasing the size of water line service to meet future demands of nearby housing.

In a related matter, the City made a grant application for a roundabout project at the corner of Kansas Highway 18 and Karns Road. This roundabout has been in the Kansas Department of Transportation master plan since about 2009 and is desired by both the city and KDOT. While a turn lane would meet the minimum needs of the District, recognizing the mutual benefit and with the approval of legal experts, the district offered to pay 70% of the non-construction costs not included in the $1.25 million grant. On top of the KDOT grant, USD 475 would contribute $140,000 and the City of Junction City would contribute $60,000.

The District and County are awaiting final platting of the JC Addition before entering into formal discussions with regards to Munson road improvements.

As talks continue on the improvement of the area and construction of the high school, USD 475 remains committed to appropriately using education dollars to benefit the Geary County Schools community. The partnership between school, city, and county entities is one that regularly sparks pride in Junction City and Geary County and USD 475 look forward to working together to create more educational opportunities to our area’s children.

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