Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe This Halloween

Halloween is filled with fun for all ages and USD 475 wants to make sure that our students stay safe while out and about this October 31st! Whether you plan to trick-or-treat, trunk-or-treat, or smell your feet we’ve compiled a list of safety tips from around the internet so parents don’t have to.

Wear something that fits comfortably.
Make sure hems are positioned above the ankle to avoid tripping and costume allows full range of motion.

Wear bright clothing so you are easily seen in the dark.
Wearing glow sticks is a great option to ensure you will be seen!

Ditch the Masks and wear Face Paint!
Masks can impair your vision. Wearing face paint instead can help to easily look both ways when crossing the street. (always test face paint first to ensure there is no reaction)

Trick or Treat with a group.
Small children should always be accompanied by an adult.

Follow the rules of the road
Use sidewalks and crosswalks as marked. Use caution when crossing the road

Never go inside a strangers house
Remind your children to stay alert and never walk into a strangers house, even if they say it is okay.

Check candy for allergens.
Always read labels and check for open candy before eating.

Drive Cautiously
If driving to another neighborhood or area for Halloween festivities, drive slower than normal, use caution, and watch for pedestrians.

Keep doors and cars locked
Make sure any valuables are hidden away from windows/car doors.

Ask for help!
Look for police officers if you notice any suspicious activity or need assistance. As always, dial 911 for emergencies.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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