World Food Day: The Importance of Food and Culture

Do you still crave grandmas secret recipe of homemade apple pie? Or maybe you look forward to Aunt Jane’s triple cheese macaroni every holiday. Whatever your favorite family dish is, it plays an integral part in your family’s culture. For many families, food is a big part of spending time together. People come together and make memories over their favorite family recipes. Food can be used for celebrations with a birthday cake and to make hard times more manageable with a homemade meal for a family in need.

Food is a common ground that we all share, and we all have our favorite food traditions, so why not share them? October 16, 2018, is World Food Day, so to celebrate, lets come together and share our favorite family recipes with friends, neighbors, loved ones, and teach our children family recipes so they can carry on the tradition for generations to come.

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