Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a great way to keep teachers and parents connected throughout the school day. The app helps create a positive culture, gives students a voice, and is a great medium to share classroom moments with parents. Students can showcase their learning by adding photos to their portfolios and parents can see all the great things their child is doing in the classroom. Class Dojo is also a great way to encourage and reinforce skills and values such as working hard, being kind, and helping others.

Class Dojo uses tools like the noise meter to remind students of what the appropriate volume should be in the classroom. It allows students to visualize their noise level and make changes based on the meter. The app also has a tool to display classroom directions, so students always know what is expected of them.

The use of this app helps USD 475 improve communication between parents and teachers while staying ahead of the curve in education. Any chance to involve parents in education is an amazing opportunity to help their children grow!

Parents with teachers that are making use of Class Dojo are encouraged to download the app so they can get involved and stay up-to-date throughout the school year.

For more information on Class Dojo visit or contact your school. Not all schools and classrooms utilize this service, so contact your school today for more information.


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