Superintendent Search Process and Timeline

The following timeline for the Superintendent Search Process was approved by the Geary County Schools Board of Education. This timeline lays out the steps taken and to be taken in order to find the next Superintendent of Geary County Schools USD 475.

Stage 1 Board Input & Preparation

07/16/2018         Preliminary Consultant planning meeting with the Board.

08/06/2018         Consultant planning meeting with the Board and Board Interviews. (Time: 6:30pm)

08/07/2018          Begin preparing information for the District promotional flyer or job description and online application form with the District liaison representative(s).

08/07/2018          Notify all associates and other professional contacts of vacancy.

08/07/2018          Contact constituents and stakeholders for input meetings on 09/11-12/2018.

Stage 2  Profile Development & Process

08/07/2018          Online survey link, for input on developing the profile, available on District website from 08/07/2018 to 09/17/2018.

09/11-12/2018     Meetings with constituent and stakeholder group representatives.

09/17/2018          8 a.m. deadline for survey/input from constituents, stakeholders and Board members, including online survey.

09/24/2018          Promotional flyer draft due.

10/01/2018          Board to finalize Superintendent profile for the promotional flyer or job description and online application form. (Time: TBD) (option to conduct via Skype or

Stage 3 Recruiting & Screening

10/02/2018          Print promotional flyer.

10/02/2018          E-mail promotional flyer and online application instructions to interested candidates.

11/04/2018          Deadline for all application materials.  (*See note below.)

Stage 4 Candidate Presentation

11/18/2018          Consultant develops and finalizes interview questions and procedures with the Board.  Top candidates are presented to the Board and consultant assists the Board in selecting finalists for the interviews.  If desired, the consultant will meet with constituents and staff interview group(s) to discuss their roles. (Time: 1:00pm)

Wk of 11/26/18   Interview top candidates (1st round). (November 27, 28, 29)

Wk of 11/26/18   Meeting with consultant following the last interview. (Time: TBD)

Stage 5 Selection of Finalist & Future Planning

Wk of 12/03/18   Interview finalist candidates (2nd round). (December 4, 5, 6)

Wk of 12/03/18   Final meeting with consultant following the last interview. (Time: TBD) (option to conduct via Skype or

TBD                       Consultant will discuss contract terms with the finalist.

TBD                       Offer the contract.

TBD                       Press release of new Superintendent.

TBD                       Board Self-Assessment Survey Results presented to the Board.


*All applications will be reviewed.  Materials received after the closing date may be given full consideration depending upon the number of applications received and other factors.

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