September is National Honey Month

What’s all this buzz about honey?

Made by the Honey Bee, honey is a versatile substance that holds a lot of importance. Bees are essential to our ecosystem so it is important that we do our part to help them do their job. One way you can help is buying local, raw honey at your community Farmers Market.

Honey has so many different uses. While you can enjoy it on top of granola and fruit or in your favorite tea, it can also be used topically to help heal wounds, scrapes, and acne. When taken regularly, honey can also help with seasonal allergies,  improve circulation, lower cholesterol, and even reduce inflammation.

This month, USD475 encourages you and your family to learn more about honey and honey bees. You can check out a book about bees at the library, or even try out a new yummy recipe like the ones below. Find more information about honey and honey bees at

*Honey should not be consumed by children under the age of 1 or anyone with a compromised immune system*

Facts about Honey and Honey bees

  • There are more than 25,000 bee species
  • A worker bee lives an average of 45 days
  • 99% of a bee colony is made up of female bees (worker bees)
  • Honey is the only food made by insects that humans consume
  • When stored correctly, honey will never go bad
  • Honey can replace sugar in almost any recipe (3/4 cup of honey for every 1 cup of sugar)

Recipes with Honey

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