What is ASQ?

Incoming parents of kindergarten students will be asked to take two surveys this August as part of their child’s enrollment process. The surveys, ASQ:3 and ASQ:SE-2, are used to collect valuable information about incoming students which leads to a more effective education.

The surveys are screening tools that provide a quick check of student development. The information supplied will help reveal strengths, uncover any areas of concern, and determine if there are resources or services that may be useful.

The purpose of collecting this information is two-fold. The Kansas State Department of Education is requiring the collection of Kindergarten Readiness as part of the accreditation process in order to have data readily available to discuss how prepared students are coming to school and to assist in funding determinations for Pre-K programs. In addition to the KSDE requirement, USD 475 will also be using this information to ensure that programs are put in place to meet the needs of all students coming into our schools.

Data collection for the ASQ:3 and the ASQ:SE-2 is from August 1, 2018, through September 20, 2018. Parents who have already completed these questionnaires as part of pre-school programming or with a family physician will need to complete them again. The assessment is specific to the child based on their age in months so results from previous completions may be different.


Communication: Your child’s language skills, both what your child understands and what he or she can say
Gross motor: How your child uses his or her arms and legs and other large muscles for sitting, crawling, walking, running, and other activities
Fine motor: Your child’s hand and finger movement and coordination
Problem-solving: How your child plays with toys and solves problems
Personal-social: Your child’s self-help skills and interactions with others


Social-Emotional Development
Child’s Strengths
Child’s typical behavior patterns

Links for the surveys became available on August 1, 2018, and can be found on the district website (link included below). After following the link, kindergarten parents can select the surveys for the school building your child will attend. Surveys should be completed prior to attending transition meetings at the school.


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