Fort Riley Annual Wellness Fair 2018

Fort Riley Middle School will host its annual Wellness Fair on Friday, May 4, 2018, and students and staff couldn’t be more excited to join in on the fun!

The day kicks off with a keynote speaker, Mrs. Christina Spencer. Christina is a former student and former teacher from Fort Riley Middle School. Her son, Diego, is a Trooper eighth grader and she is a local athlete and co-owner of JC CrossFit.

Throughout the day, students will have an opportunity to go through the many activities that guests will be providing. These activities include mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, technical, intellectual, environmental, and financial wellness. Students will have a chance to learn about health care careers, positive hobbies, and other opportunities within the 25 miles radius of Fort Riley, Kansas.

This annual event helps promote the district’s commitment to wellness and educates students on healthy choices that lead to healthy lifestyles.

What’s your favorite wellness routine? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #TellUsHowYouWellness

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