April Coffee with Counselors

Coffee with the Counselors is a monthly event hosted by the Seitz Behavioral Health Team. This is an opportunity for parents to meet with Behavioral Health Team members (School Counselor Haley Ramirez, Military and Family Life Counselor Jamie Guelker, Social Worker Rhea Barrett, and Irwin Army Community Hospital School-Based Clinician Keegan Stucker) in an informal setting with discussion centered around a monthly theme.

 April’s topic of conversation was focused on assisting children with transitions, including changing schools, transitioning to summertime, and reintegration. A common theme across all types of transitions was the need for consistency. Kiddos do well when they know what to expect, so providing some structure is helpful. It is also helpful to communicate age-appropriate information regarding the transition to children as it becomes available. Finally, consider simplifying or relaxing expectations and commitments during the first week or two of a transition to give your family a chance to adjust to the newness. These tips can help families experience smooth transitions.

Article provided by Haley Ramirez, Seitz Elementary

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