District Art Gallery

On April 30th, the students in USD 475’s Specialized Programs will have their second opportunity to display their own art at the Second Annual Art Gallery at Junction City Middle School. The young artists have been creating pieces of art and are ready to display them for the public to see and purchase.

The Art Gallery concept began when the teachers throughout the Specialized Programs decided they wanted a chance for their students to focus and work on areas of their strengths – rather than always focusing on their deficits. The teachers also decided that providing an event where students could display their work skills would help them realize the importance of those skills.

The event will feature a Silent Auction for Masterpieces, a Gallery where pieces will be for sale, a Live Performance area, a Photo Booth, and a Café’ that will be serving cookies and drinks. The Art Gallery will be open from 11:00 – 2:00 on Monday, April 30th. During that time, students will be greeting guests, performing live acts of art, serving in the Café’, running the cashier tables, being photographers at the Photo Booth, and even being security for the event.

The event is open to the family and friends of the students, employees and staff of the district and the public. There will be at least one piece of art that will speak to everyone. All the proceeds from the sale will go directly back into the classrooms for the benefit of the students.

Article provided by Molly Mosher, FLS Teacher at Junction City Middle School

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