Stockton Bus Rescue

Bryan Bennett received a call at around 9:00 AM on Wednesday, the 13th of March asking if he could assist with a bus to transport a Stockton, Kansas group back home. Their bus had blown a power steering hose and they needed to get the students home. Bennett said that he would get a bus & driver lined up and be available in thirty minutes. After further discussion, Bennett learned that the group had some luggage with them and discovered that it was a high school class who had been stranded overnight. With that information, he knew a yellow school bus with limited under storage would be a cramped way to travel any distance. Bennett received the approval of the district to use the Blue Jay Bus which had more storage.

He contacted one of the drivers, Brad Carlton, and arranged for him to take the trip.

Bennett arrived at the Stockton travelers location at 9:30 AM, where he met with a grateful school board member who was on the trip with the students. They gathered the passengers and retrieved additional belongings and secured their disabled bus. By 10:35 AM, Carlton was on his way with the Stockton group west on I-70. The students and staff expressed their gratitude and treated Brad to lunch in Hays.

USD 475 is incredibly proud to work with such great community partners, B & B Busing and Junction City Transportation, and would like to extend a resounding thank you to Bryan Bennett and Brad Carlton for representing our community so well!


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