Girls Coding Club Makes Debut at JCHS

A new national club, Girls Who Code, that promotes the success of female students who are interested in computer programming is being started at JCHS.

English teacher Chelsea Todd, is taking on the role of advising this club and is excited to work with students who are interested in computer programming.

“Girls Who Code was designed to address the gender gap in computer science. Since the 1980’s [numbers] have decreased when it comes to women in the computer science field,” Todd said.

The goal is to create a project that impacts the community in someway.

“It’s about practicing computer science and making connections that you can use to go to college and also learning how to apply it to the real world.”

Members of the Girls Who Code meeting on February 1, 2018.

Todd and the students in Girls Who Code are beginning to warm up to each other and are getting to know the programs that they will be working with, such as Codecademy and Glitch on Scratch.

Todd says that with these programs the girls will be able to create their own website to inform students more about high school requirements and other crucial student information.

“This field likes to diversify. If you have the background in computer science and pursue this degree, it is likely [women] would have a leg up,” Todd said.

Todd is excited to work with these young girls and act as a mentor to them.

Girls Who Code is warmly encouraging more girls at JCHS to join and learn more about computer programming. If you want to join Girls Who Code or if you are interested in knowing more about computer programming, find Ms. Todd in room 153 to help you find your place in Girls Who Code.

Article and photograph provided by Kennedy Cox, Senior Junction City High School
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