Superintendent Announces Retirement

Superintendent of Schools for USD 475, Dr. Corbin Witt, announced this week that he plans to retire following the end of his current contract period. Dr. Corbin Witt began serving the Geary County Schools community in July 2014 and plans to retire in July 2019.

“As the Board of Education began to consider contract extensions, I wanted them to know my plans to retire. I wanted them know why I wouldn’t be seeking a contract extension. I felt that this length of notice would allow them the opportunity to find a suitable replacement.” -Dr. Corbin Witt, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Witt’s current contract ends in July 2019 giving the Geary County Schools Board of Education ample time to search for a new Superintendent.

“I’ll greatly miss the students and staff in USD 475. I devoted a great deal of my life to education and it’s now time to enter the next phase; retirement. I look forward to trying something different in my retirement, I don’t yet know exactly what that will be, although I am excited at the opportunities.” -Dr. Corbin Witt, Superintendent of Schools

Business as normal will continue with district operations as staff continue to work toward building a new Junction City High School and maintaining the district.

“Throughout the rest of my time in USD 475, I look forward to putting in the hard work ahead on the new Junction City High School, as well as, continuing to work daily on providing a quality learning environment for students in our district.” -Dr. Corbin Witt, Superintendent of Schools

The retirement announcement was sent to staff through email on Tuesday of this week. Dr. Witt took that opportunity to thank staff for their support and say that “It has been and continues to be [his] pleasure serving as the Superintendent of USD 475.”

Pictured is Dr. Corbin Witt participating in a traveling virtual reality education demonstration which stopped at Junction City High School during the Spring of 2017.

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