Winter Weather Guidelines

With cold weather approaching, we are providing you with a copy of our school district’s Winter Safety Guidelines. Weather conditions sometimes make it necessary to close or delay the start of school, which could create unique situations that affect you and our schools. If such a situation arises there are several ways to become informed.

Because of the number of children in our schools, we cannot make individual calls to inform parents of changes to the school schedule. Such changes are announced on the district website, mobile app, by text message, on the district Facebook page as well as local television and radio news stations.

The decision regarding school cancellation, early dismissal, or delayed start times is made by the Superintendent of Schools or his designee. The Superintendent uses community partners and the best information available at the time to make these decisions. As a district, our main focus is using available information to make a decision that best suits the safety of our students and staff.

When school is in session during inclement weather, the final decision whether or not a child should attend school or stay at home is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

More information on our winter safety guidelines can be found online.


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