Parent Resource Night

The Vocational Training Program hosted a Parent/Student Resource Night November 2, 2017.  Sandra Gray, Transition Coordinator, planned the event after visiting another local high school in the area.  Saint Mary’s High School hosted a resource night last March and it was very successful.  Ms. Gray wanted to do something similar for the community.  

There were around 50 hosts that shared information with parents and students that evening.  This night was designed for students who have IEP”S or 504 plans to educate them on resources in the area.  Information was presented on health, colleges, self-advocacy, transportation, leisure activities, technology, safety, voting etc

The parents and students took advantage of the free door prizes, books as well as food.  It was an enjoyable evening for families.  All grades levels were invited. 

The Vocational Training is planning another event for next year, the date is to be determined. Hosts as well as parents are asking for this event to continue.  Next year more emphasis will be placed on students attending as well. 

Article and photograph provided by Sandra Gray, Transition Coordinator for Junction City High School

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