Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a Christian holiday that recognizes the birth of Jesus Christ and encourages everyone regardless of faith to be joyous, kind, and giving to others. This day bridges the gap between religious holiday and commercial success as gift-giving has become synonymous with December 25th. Christmas and the season surrounding it can be a magical time of selfless acts and stories that will warm your heart. For example, in 1914 Allied and German Forces broke from war for a day to celebrate Christmas together. This temporary armistice began after the German’s were heard singing “Silent Night” and the Allied Forces joined in.

For many, Christmas is also a time for great sweets and treats as part of family traditions. Did you know that one popular Christmas treat became famous in Germany due to the story of “Hanzel and Gretel” in the 1800s? Learn more by watching this video presentation on Gingerbread Houses by History Channel.

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