Santa’s Toy Redesign

The students in Ms. Gipson, Mrs. Peterson, and Ms. Kilty’s 4th grade classes at Seitz Elementary learned about the design under the direction of librarian Erika Hart with Mr. Morgan on video dressed as Santa. Mr. Morgan told the students that the kids were bored with all of the normal toys and they had to invent a toy that did not already exist. Students worked very hard and creatively to each produce a new 3D printed present along with writing a persuasive letter to send to Santa Clause. A few of these gifts were a solar-powered moon night light, a video recording ornament to hang on the tree to catch Santa Clause in action, and a beautiful piece of jewelry – a heart ring.  The students will also have an expo to try to get folks to buy their recently designed and 3D printed presents.

Krista Wyman taught the students the Tinkercad portion. Tinkercad is a free website that allows the use of shapes to create a 3D design. The design is then transferred in a file to the 3D printer. This website is primarily used in our district for 3D printing and design. Seitz Elementary purchased two 3D printers this year to encourage the students to become more engaged with our STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) initiatives.

3D printing is used if you want to invent something 3D, and you use a 3D printer. You need to make a picture about the thing you need to invent. We drew a picture of our design and then made it on the computer. Santa and his elves need help because they ran out of ideas for toys, and the kids need to help him with toys so he can give presents to kids for Christmas. I think 3D printing is good to learn because a lot of kids want to be an artist when they grow up and they maybe want to learn a thing or two about 3D printing. I love 3D printing, personally but I don’t know about other kids. My invention I made is a superhero that tries to help people to be nice and help people being bullied. I think people will buy my invention because they might want to have fun with it and play with it at school with kids and be undercover to help people in school! This is my perspective of 3D printing. – Lexus Gibson, 4th Grade, Mrs. Peterson’s Class, Seitz Elementary

Article provided by Krista Whyman, Nicholas Morgan and Lexus Gibson

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