Coffee with the Counselors at Seitz Elementary

Coffee with the Counselors is a monthly event hosted by the Seitz Behavioral Health Team. This is an opportunity for parents to meet with Behavioral Health Team members (School Counselor Haley Ramirez, Military and Family Life Counselor Jamie Guelker, Social Worker Rhea Barrett, and Irwin Army Community Hospital School-Based Clinician Keegan Stucker) in an informal setting with discussion centered around a monthly theme. The Behavioral Health Team strives to make these events as convenient and accessible as possible for busy parents by offering a morning and afternoon session and providing coffee and snacks.

Everyone is friendly and we are able to bring our younger kids. -Seitz parent Alisha Salisbury.

The monthly topic is determined with parent input. November’s meeting was centered around the topic of anger management. The Behavioral Health team presented briefly on what the emotion anger is trying to communicate, what happens in our brain and body when we are angry, recognizing the physical cues of anger, and strategies to help children learn how to handle anger in a prosocial manner. Seitz parent Beatriz Harth enjoyed learning about strategies the Behavioral Health Team use to help students manage anger, stating, “These are techniques that all parents should know.” Parent attendees are active participants during this informal presentation, asking questions and sharing helpful strategies from their own experiences. Seitz parent Alisha Salisbury commented, “I enjoyed sharing different techniques that I use with my kids at home.”

Coffee with the Counselors is a great opportunity for parents to connect with the Seitz Behavioral Health Team. Seitz parent Beatriz Harth shared “I started coming because the counselors help the kids. It’s important as a parent that I know what works and to meet the counselors firsthand.” Seitz parent Alisha Salisbury also shared “It really stood out to me that the counselors knew my kids personally when I mentioned their names.” The next Coffee with the Counselor event will take place December 14 in the Seitz cafeteria. There is an 8:15 and a 2:30 session.

Article provided by the Coffee with the Counselors Team at Seitz Elementary

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