It’s Election Day!

Today, Tuesday, November 7, 2017, is election day in Geary County and the community has many very important decisions to make. Voters will cast ballots for new Board of Education members, City Commission, and the much talked about proposed new Junction City High School bond. Geary County Schools USD 475 encourages registered voters to make it out to the polls and vote informed!

Have you ever wondered why election day is on a Tuesday?

Prior to 1845, there was no uniform date among the states for choosing presidential electors. States were able to conduct presidential elections at any time in a 34-day period before the first Wednesday of December. In 1845, the United States implemented the “Tuesday after the first Monday in November” election day making November 2nd the earliest a vote could take place. Tuesday was chosen so not to impact the day of the Biblical Sabbath (Sunday) and Market Day (Wednesday).

Though voters won’t be choosing a new President today, local elections are still incredibly important. These local elections determine the direction in which a community is headed and the outcomes of these elections might be felt much more quickly than issues or candidates from Washington D.C.

If you’re registered to vote, make sure to get out to the polls today! If you aren’t yet registered take this week as a great opportunity to get signed up to participate in one of the many things that make America a great place to live, work, and thrive!

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