Students Dissect Cow Eyes

Going into Ms. Miller’s classroom, everyone was scared of the cow eye dissection. We all thought we would get sick to our stomachs. Ms. Miller began with the beginning work known as the “bell ringer”. This describes “What are you excited about the cow eye?” One guy said he wasn’t excited about anything. Everyone has their own opinion.

Ms. Miller left the room to get the cow eyes in the back room. She emerged with a lot of stinky cow eyes in Tupperware. Then she started handing out the cow eyes in tin foil pans in groups of two. She had two extra eye balls, so she asked the class who would like their own eye to work with, of course I volunteered! Then I looked at the eye and had second thoughts, but I knew I had to do it.

Then Ms. Miller gave us the next instructions, to trim the fat from the outer eye. At first it seemed weird and gross to cut an eye with scissors. But I came around to the idea of doing it for the sake of science! After I finished trimming the fat from the eye, Ms. Miller came to me with a scalpel to cut the eye. (Ow! This hurts just thinking about it.) I cut the eye to reveal the inside of the eye ball. I realized I would have to take the goo out and deconstruct the eye. I  then named all of the parts of the eye. One piece was missing! I had to cut the lens to get to the last piece. I felt like a surgeon.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t stop thinking about the great experiment that I had accomplished that day and what an awesome way it was to learn about the eye.

Article provided by Ayden Westbrook, Fort Riley Middle School Student

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