Milford Nature Center Visits Spring Valley

Student learning came alive today for 3rd graders at Spring Valley Elementary when naturalist, Savannah Hiatt, from Milford’s Nature Center brought in a Screech Owl and Barn Owl to share with students. The third grade classes have recently been studying Owls, including investigating different species of owls, dissecting owl pellets, along with creating and giving presentations over their research.  Savannah shared that the Nature Center currently has 5 owls, including Kiwi, a Barn Owl, who has been living at the center for the past 5 years.

The students at Spring Valley enjoyed learning fun facts about the various owl species they had recently been studying in class. Aden Kim shared that he thought, “It was cool that the owls can see in the dark very well and that this helps the catch their prey at night.” Addison Gibson wanted to share that, “If you didn’t already know, owls can see within caverns with limited percentage of light. Also, an owl’s wing fans the air, pushing it up into the sky to fly.” Mya Haynes-Galvan also loved the presentation and said, “I learned that owls all make different sounds and I think that is cool because I thought all owls just made a hooting sound. I had never thought to think they made all these different sounds.”

The third grade teachers, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Cox and Mr. Johnson, thoroughly enjoyed the presentation from the Milford Nature Center. The teachers have had naturalist visit with their students in previous years and they always do an excellent job sharing the beauty and wildlife of Kansas!

Article provided by Abby Allen, Spring Valley Elementary Teacher

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