Checks/Balances: JCHS Way Forward Key Facts

Throughout the JCHS Way Forward process, USD 475 has laid out three measures that must be passed in order to continue moving forward as proposed. These points in the process help to provide some assurances to the community prior to the bond election on November 7th. The first check/balance in the process was when the district sought approval of the bond request from the state of Kansas. This was passed on March 14, 2017, allowing the district to continue moving forward.

Next, USD 475 needed to receive the Heavy Impact Aid payment for 2017. Originally the district had planned to have a bond election in May, however, the payment was delayed so Geary County Schools pushed the election back to November. The 2017 Heavy Impact Aid payment was received and is currently invested along with past payments that have been saved by the district.

The third check in the process is the community vote on November 7th. The community will have the opportunity to pass the bond initiative on November 7, 2017, by casting their vote at the polls. This bond must pass in order for the district to receive a 47% match from the State of Kanas (equaling nearly half of the entire JCHS Way Forward proposed new high school project).

If any of these three checks fail to pass or gain approval, the way forward pertaining to JCHS would not continue forward as proposed.

This week, USD 475 held a press conference that mentioned these checks and balances.

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