Comparative Cost Analysis

During its Town Hall discussions held on October 7th, Geary County Schools USD 475 was asked to consider providing comparative operational cost information between the current and possible future high school. The District consideration and technical review of this request finds it impractical to make a comparison between the current facility and a notional future facility yet to be designed. Such comparison requires too many operational and structural assumptions pertaining to the proposed new school. Consequently, any such cost comparison would be highly unreliable.

Regardless, the District wishes to provide voter assurances that it has initiated discussions with industry seeking input on incorporating both materials and systems with the intent of achieving sustainable operating cost reductions over time. Following a favorable bond vote on November 7th, District discussions with staff, patrons and industry experts from multiple disciplines will be critical as it moves through the design phase of this important project.

The desired end state of this design process is to provide a facility in which the community can take pride in its simplicity of design, aesthetic qualities and use of construction materials and systems which lend to minimized operational cost impacts.

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