Land Acquisition Update

The Board of Education is unanimous in its opinion that the school district needs a new high school to maintain excellence for students. This proposed new high school would address many infrastructure and academic challenges posed by the current building, all with no increase to the local mill levy. A successful bond referendum on November 7th will provide the State funds necessary under the authority of Senate Bill 323, again, preventing a need for a local mill levy increase.

Last March the Board of Education solicited landowners willing to sell 120 to 160 acres for the new high school. This is the amount of land needed to provide room for a new high school. The Board is currently conducting feasibility assessments on properties towards the west boundary of Junction City. Initial architectural and engineering property assessments indicate these properties provide favorable considerations of access, encumbrances, walkways, stormwater runoff, sewer, water, electric, communications and natural gas utilities. Fair market values, lay of the land and the aesthetics are included in Board considerations.

The District is seeking the trust of its constituents as it approaches the matter of land acquisition in a planned and reasonable manner. This complex process involves the interests of many stakeholders and is to be conducted with the utmost integrity to safeguard the interests of all. District release of a formal announcement regarding proper placement of the new high school will be made after a successful bond campaign and upon successful completion of negotiations.

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