Washington Elementary Plants Trees

Kindergarteners at Washington have been learning about trees as part of the new FOSS science curriculum. While students learned about the parts of a tree and how it grows, they also adopted their very own classroom tree to care for. Over the past few weeks, each class has had their own tree in their classroom to observe, discuss and write about. These Kinders are very serious about the care of their trees and have even given their trees a name!

On September 28, 2017, each Kindergarten class planted their tree with the help of Brian Kabriel from Kabrielscapes. Mr. Kabriel asked them what they have learned about trees before showing them how to plant and care for the tree they have been observing and nurturing in their classroom.

Pictured is Mrs. Pruitt’s Kindergarten class, who proudly named their tree, Little Tree.

Article provide by Stephanie Kabriel

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