Academics: JCHS Way Forward Key Facts

With discussion of a potential new high school building, pending a community bond election on November 7, 2017, it’s important to consider the ultimate goal; continuing to improve and offer more academic opportunities to students in the community, our future workforce. A new building creates more of this opportunity and makes current main campus programs available to the freshman class (it would also reduce transportation between campus buildings). Freshmen students were moved from the main campus to the Freshman Success Academy to address space limitations created by a large high school population. This limits activities and programs available to them. A new building would also allow more students to follow popular career paths which are currently unavailable to the number of students who wish to pursue them. A technology backbone will be integrated into a new building and would allow more students access points into the network as well as a more reliable and higher speed connection. This is important because of the 1-to-1 program that the district uses as well as advances in education as it relates to technology. This integration of technology would also mitigate current issues of students not having enough outlets to charge their school-issued device.

Building for the academy structure would also create a learning environment designed for student success. It will bring updated and better-equipped classrooms to areas of study such as culinary arts, biotechnology, and science which would better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world.

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