Help Wanted in the Kitchen and Around the District

The Child Nutrition Department is responsible for providing the students of USD 475 nutritious breakfasts and lunches. The department is comprised of cooks and servers who work different schedules. Cooks, work full time with available health benefits and summers and holidays off work. Servers, work part time and also have summers and holidays off. The work days for servers coincide with the students’ school days and that can be a huge advantage for parents needing a part time job. No background knowledge or experience is necessary to apply for either position as training is provided (wages can be based on work experience). A food safety basic class is offered as part of the job’s training in the district as well as other on the job training. USD 475 is currently looking to fill both cook and server positions within some of our schools to apply today, please click here.

The district is also hiring for other positions to include substitute teaching. More information on job openings within USD 475 can be found by visiting and clicking on the employment portal.

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