JCHS Way Forward Additional Resources

The following resources were made available to the Junction City/Geary County community in addition to the information provided on connectED prior to the vote on November 7, 2017. Geary County Schools USD 475 encouraged the community to vote informed.

Speaking Engagements

A JCHS Way Forward Key Facts Presentation was offered to community groups by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Corbin Witt upon request. These groups received a presentation on the key facts of the process and project as well as had the opportunity to ask questions about the bond.

October 7, 2017, Town Hall Presentation Slides – These slides were used at the Town Hall presentation in October as a way to present key facts about the issue to the community.


Town Hall Meeting Video – January 17, 2017 (A second meeting was held on January 28, 2017, however, due to technical difficulties the audio quality is poor) – This video was broadcast live on YouTube with assistance from the Junction City High School Blue Jay Media. The audio from this Town Hall Meeting was also aired on 1420 AM KJCK.


March 10, 2017 – Additional Heavy Impact Aid (Previously Issued Press Release which predates the launch of connectED.usd475.org)
March 14, 2017 – Approval of Bond Initiative (Previously Issued Press Release which predates the launch of connectED.usd475.org)
March 16, 2017 – District Commitment (Previously Issued Press Release which predates the launch of connectED.usd475.org)
April 28, 2017 – Heavy Impact Aid Received
September 29, 2017 – Town Hall Meeting Prior to Bond Election

For more information or a resource to take with you offline, we’ve created a printable summary of the JCHS Way Forward Key Facts. This document was updated from the version made for the original May 2017 election which was postponed until November 7, 2017.

Other printed material and articles can be found by searching for or subscribing to the “JCHS Way Forward” category on connectED.


USD 475 used social media to update the community on bond issue key facts.

There were many online articles written about the issue on JCPost.com and YourDU.net. connectED also became a source for information and the hub for updates on the project from USD 475.

Voting Information

The following voting information was supplied to the community to assist in increasing voter registration and turn-out.

Voting in Person on Election Day – Learn more about voting in person on November 7th.
Absentee and Early Voting – Learn more about early and absentee voting for the November 7th election.
Geary County, Kansas Voting Information – Find out more information on local voting from the Geary County Clerk’s Office.

To check your voter status and address click here https://myvoteinfo.voteks.org/VoterView/RegistrantSearch.do

If you haven’t already registered to vote and would like to, click here www.kdor.ks.gov/Apps/VoterReg/Default.aspx. You can also print this PDF and fill out your voter registration to be mailed in http://ks-geary.manatron.com/Portals/ks-geary/2015/voterregistration.pdf. Send voter registration to the Geary County Clerk electronically, with proof of citizenship to: rebecca.bossemeyer@gearycounty.org. Registration forms can also be mailed or hand-delivered to Geary County Clerk, 200 E 8th Street, Junction City, KS 66441 (make sure to include Proof of Citizenship).

*Proof of Citizenship (must be provided when first registering in Kansas): http://ks-geary.manatron.com/Portals/ks-geary/2015/Citizenship%20Documents.pdf

The last day to register to vote is October 17, 2017.

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