National Social Media Day

National Social Media Day is tomorrow so don’t forget to practice your duckface, food photography, and clever use of GIF responses.

National Social Media Day was launched by the website Mashable in 2010. Ever since the inception of social media, with started with platforms such as Friendster in 2002 and Myspace in 2003, social media has remained popular. In 2004 the social media giant, Facebook launched and solidified social media as a staple in the online experience. Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr followed and gave users another way to share short versions of text, photos, and videos with friends.

Social media has become a major part of the world today. For many, Facebook can be used to connect with friends and family members and help share life milestones.  Reconnecting with classmates and past work associates is also a valuable part of social media. It has also made it possible to connect with ancestors and find relatives. Social media has also played a part in world events such as protests and world reporting. Sites such as Twitter and Instagram are also used for celebrity news and pop culture trends. Even businesses have recognized the value of marketing to their customer base, selling products, and updating news on social media.

The Geary County Schools USD 475 Executive Director of Communications made a career in part with the effective use of social media and the online and customer experience. Formerly known as #TwitterCop, Mat Droge was the online voice for the Riley County Police Department whose goal was to humanize law enforcement and make police officers more approachable. His version of an official law enforcement social media account gained the department international recognition and helped mold social media accounts for law enforcement agencies around the globe. To read more about the Geary County Schools USD 475 work in social media visit read this article on #TwitterCop.

How do you plan to celebrate National Social Media Day? Share a photo. Update your status. Don’t forget to spread #socialmediaday!

This year Social Media Day is on June 30, 2017.

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