Preparing for New Science Curriculum

The Instructional Resource Center and the Library Media team are joining forces to unpack and catalog the new FOSS, Full Option Science System, for the elementary schools this summer. These two teams are located at the Professional Learning Center for Geary County Schools USD 475. The Instructional Resource Center houses all materials for classrooms necessary for learning as well as all the special education materials, while the Library Media team catalogs all media located in each of the libraries located at each of the schools.

The teams are working together this summer to unpack and catalog the new FOSS science system purchased for the elementary schools for use in the 2017-2018 school year. The FOSS science system aims to engage all students with meaningful active learning experiences by integrating reading and literacy strategies while using technology to deliver learning experiences in science. This will prepare all students to succeed with the NGSS,  Next Generation Science Standards, performance expectations. These are K-12, research-based, science content science standards that span the country.

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