A Worlds of Fun Field Trip – Student Perspective

Students at Fort Riley Middle School gather to enter Worlds of Fun.This was not my first trip to Worlds of Fun. I have gone to Worlds of Fun with my class at Fort Riley Middle School twice as a part of an incentive program. In order to go to Worlds of Fun at the end of the year, you can not have any Fs on your grade card or have any behavior referrals.

The bus ride to Kansas City was normal enough. I checked in once with mom, texting her to make sure she wouldn’t bother me the rest of the day. She worries. The class was excited and loud. We all were trying to talk over each other. Finally, we were pulling up to the gates!

First thing, we split into our groups that we would have for the day. I chose to hang out with my best friend Andre, and also Kevin and Alissa. The first ride we encountered was the Prowler. Everyone enjoyed that! I decided to be daring and ride the Boomerang which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a ride that takes off, spins in a corkscrew and then goes in reverse. My friends were not interested in this ride and sat to wait. My favorite ride was the Detonator because it shoots you up and immediately drops back down; scary at first, but not as bad as the ride next to me (The Timber Wolf).

As teenagers, some of the things we do make no sense. After lunch we decided, as a group, to get our faces painted like monsters. I knew the paint was going to be difficult to take off and almost immediately regretted my decision.

Through all the rides, we stuck together, laughed and enjoyed one of the last days we would have as seventh graders. On the bus ride home, we reminisced about the day and talked about what it was going to be like to be eighth graders next year at Fort Riley Middle School; finally the oldest in the school.

Written by Ayden Westbrook, Eighth Grader, Fort Riley Middle School

The selfie photo: Ayden Westbrook and Andre Dicks, FRMS.

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