Field Day!

Students across USD 475 celebrated Field Day as a part of the end of year activities this week. Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade rotated through several activities throughout many of our schools: Frisbee, fill-the-bucket, golf, relay, basketball, hopscotch, sack race, chalk drawing, sling shot, team tag, three-legged race, and soccer were among the fan-favorites. Many stations were chaperoned by teachers as well as volunteer parents and older classmates, providing opportunities for students to participate in mentorship.


Ware Field Day

Relay races, frisbee, and sack races are just a few of the games students played at the Ware Elementary Field Day this year. Students also had the opportunity to exercise their creativity by drawing with sidewalk chalk. One of the classic Field Day games even made an appearance and showed participants the importance of working together; The Three-Legged Race was a great time had by all.

Franklin Field Day

Franklin Elementary School put several stations together and students could travel between them participating in the games the interested them. These games included jump rope competitions, a shoe kicking contest, and a version of horseshoes that had kids throwing socks instead of metal shoes. The game with the longest line was the water balloon launching station. It was obvious that students liked trying their luck at hitting a target with a water balloon.

“As I walked around Field Day I witnessed the students fostering fun and memories and bonding. The younger class men were looking up to the older class men, and it was nice to see these children stepping up and helping each other and encouraging each other to try their best.” – Field Day Observer

Eisenhower Field Day

Eisenhower’s Field Day included games that spanned in variety from tug-o-war to playing with a parachute. Students also participated in chalk art as a way to flex their creative muscle. Team building was a big part of the day and could be seen through games like relay races and the two-person plank walk.

Grandview Field Day

Grandview Elementary had several stations that students rotated through while in age-level groups. The activities included a life-sized game of battleship which was reminiscent of dodgeball. Students also played a version of “Twister” on a board that was painted onto the grass. One unique activity that connectED had the chance to observe was the game where students threw foam balls at cardboard forts. The goal of this game was to destroy the fort before the other team could rebuild it.

Field Day was successful as the students enjoyed a day of teamwork and outdoor activities while the weather was nice. We only wish we could have made it to each school in the district.

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