CTE IT Pathway

The IT pathway is a set of classes that students interested in Information Technology should take to better prepare them for their career field. The courses start with computer Applications and end with taking Game Design and Authoring for the Web. In between, students can take Web Page Design, Advanced Web Page Design, Computer Programming, Graphic Design, and Computer Applications II. Many of the students interested in this pathway have indicated that they have a career field interest in Technology. In the end, a student will have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Adobe Photoshop through web page design class. Students will also learn Visual Basic and how to use Visual Studio in Computer Programming class. In Advanced Web Page Design, students learn more advanced HTML, CSS, and how to use Adobe Dreamweaver. They also get an introduction to Javascript. Game Design teaches how to use Unity Game engine and program in C#. Throughout some of the classes, a student can achieve various industry recognized certifications including Microsoft Office Specialist and Precision Exams Certifications.

A typical IT student is very curious about technology and how it works. They want to be able to do things for themselves as it pertains to technology. IT pathway students are also very detail oriented. They like to follow an order and guideline to get tasks accomplished. The detail oriented comes into play when typing code and being meticulous to make a function work properly. Lastly, our students are usually good at problem solving and finding solutions.

The IT pathway student an help the local economy by contributing in IT jobs at the local level. Almost all businesses and jobs require technology and that means that they need someone to keep it working. Regional and nationally the IT profession has a large shortage of employees so it is a very high demand job area. A student will usually require some post-secondary study depending on the level and field he/she wants to enter. Students can attend a technical school to work with networking or computer repair and network maintenance. To gain employment in upper level coding usually requires a Computer Science degree from a four year institution.

Students can prepare themselves for the workforce if they enroll in an internship their senior year. Currently, we try to have a few student sin the community working in a business. Sometimes this is a difficult area to place an intern due to confidentiality reasons, however, we have had some and we also have some scheduled for next year. Students do gain some real world experiences during normal class days. For example, in Advanced Web Pages, the first semester, students redesigned the High School website home page using Dreamweaver and Bootstrap code. This made the web page responsive to the users environment. Additionally, students can sometimes enroll in an independent study experience in which they explore a certain area more in depth.

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