Young Authors at Westwood

Not many students can say they are published authors, even fewer can say they were published in kindergarten. Regina Freyberger’s class at Westwood Elementary did just that this year, publishing their very own journal-style book.

The project started out simple enough, Ms. Freyberger wanted a way to encourage reading and writing together. The students were drawn to the book How to Get a Girlfriend*. This gave Ms. Freyberger the idea to have the students write a publication of their own, perhaps bound by grommets in the end. The students had other plans. They, in fact, wanted to publish their own work in a format like that of Dzuver, Hald, and Crnogorac, in a real book.


Ms. Freyberger soon went to work researching companies that could publish her kindergarten class work. She found one that was based in Topeka, Kansas (Student Treasures).

“After nineteen years of teaching in this school district, kindergarten is my favorite class to teach. They come in with a clean slate, eager to learn. It gives me chill bumps when they are excited to publish their own creation. Publishing the class work will become a tradition in my class.” – Regina Freyberger

*Dzuver, Leo, Alexander Hald, and Matej Crnogorac. How to Get a Girlfriend. New York: Scholastic, 2014. Print.

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