Where’s Witt: zSpace

Dr. Witt stepped into the world of virtual reality at the zSpace experience at Junction City High School on May 9, 2017. zSpace creates a three-dimensional learning experience in which students can dissect human organs, explore plant life, and more in a virtual reality setting. This encourages students to inquire, solve problems and apply learning while expanding interest in STEM and STEM careers. zSpace offers learning in chemistry, anatomy, mathematics, history, arts, robotics, and physics to name a few.

Dr. Witt first explored the anatomy application; he could simulate holding a beating heart in his hands! Useful information was at his fingertips about all body systems as well as 3D animations that can be printed on a 3D printer much like the one located at Fort Riley Elementary.

Dr. Witt also investigated the physics application which offers students insight into chain reactions where the variables in the experiments can be changed: height, width, surface, and even which planet the experiment takes place, like Jupiter!

Students at the Junction City High School also had the opportunity to learn through virtual reality through time slots allocated to certain classes throughout the day. School Board Member Dr. Miller also took the opportunity to learn through virtual reality by exploring the human heart.

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