Health Science CTE Pathway

The Health Science Pathway at Junction City High School has zeroed in on Allied Health, Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine. Medical Explorers and HOSA: Future Health Professionals provide opportunities for students to further explore their career choices and gain hands on experience.

Students need to possess a high level of confidence; even if they enter the pathway unsure of themselves, by the time they leave, they have often discovered their inner strength and drive to work hard. Students in the Health Science Pathway must also be committed to life-long learning. The medical field is extremely dynamic, so students must be prepared to change and grow with the field.

The Health Science Pathway originated at JCHS because of student demand. The pathway has grown from one class of 25 students to eight different classes with an enrollment of 300 students for the upcoming school year. Internships provide an authentic learning experience that will better prepare students to make an informed decision about their future. There are some students, upon completing their internship, that discover that this field is not the career path for them. This is not only a valuable learning experience, but it will also save them a ton of money in the future. On the other hand, the internship experience can solidify some students’ career choice.

Article provided by Nancy Dettmer, Science, Engineering & Technology Academy Leader

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