As part of the Geary County USD 475 STEM program, students from our elementary schools participated in EEE Day April 11-19, 2017. EEE Day stands for “Environmental, Educational, Enrichment Day” and is aimed at integrating the outdoors with learning and education.

The relationship between outdoor learning and motivation was notably documented by researchers Julie Athman and Martha Monroe. In a 2004 study comparing 400 students in environment-based education programs with students learning in traditional classrooms, the authors determined that environment-based education significantly raised motivation levels. -Laura Smith, blogger, Outdoor Learning: Education’s New Revolution?

Elementary schools were each assigned a day, over the course of  a week, to attend 4 sessions:

  • Hatchery- Students learned about how the hatchery supports the health of the local ecosystem.
  • Fishing- Students listened to a fishing instructor and then had time to fish.
  • Adaptation Artistry- Students learned about bird adaptations then created their own bird/habitat.
  • Field Day- Students played two environmental education games to learn about ecosystem concepts.

The Adaptation Artistry and Field Day sessions were both at Sportsman’s Acres. Fishing was at the Gathering Pond at Milford Lake and the Hatchery session was at the Milford Nature Center. Sponsors of  EEE Day included: Geary County Fish and Game Association, the Milford Nature Center and Hatchery, Army Corp of Engineers, Flint Hills Discovery Center, and 601st Aviation Brigade.

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