Beach Museum Hosts Grandview Students

Fourth and fifth graders from Grandview Elementary had the opportunity to tour the Beach Museum on the Kansas State University campus on April 6, 2017; a tour that included hands-on activities. The tour centered around the discussion topic of mathematical abstract art versus realistic art included the opportunity to create something in the museum classroom. Students participating in the tour also discussed Leonardo Di Vinci and why he was such an intricate part of symmetrical art.

Works which included the “Vitruvian Man” were shown to students who later tested theories about the symmetry of the human body. Students used these theories to learn how to draw a face; putting the eyes and ears in the correct place.

Did you know that the length of our head is approximately 1/8th the length of our body when fully grown.

Other works of art such as “21 with a cube” by artist Jesse Montez and nearly the entire gallery of the Beach Museum were also shown to students on the tour.

Finally, students learned about tessellations, also known as tiling, which is made up of shapes that add up to 360 degrees.

This tour and exposure to fine art came during the geometry units for both the 4th and 5th graders, so seeing how math could also be creative was impactful for the students who teachers say really enjoyed the experience.

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