Shining Star Drew Horton

Drew Horton, an elementary music teacher at Ware Elementary, was one of six Shining Stars for the month of April 2017. Geary County Schools USD 475 awards the Shining Star several times a year to individuals who exceed expectations in the areas of service to the district, professional achievement, community service, and impact on the perception of the district.

Drew has been at Ware Elementary in the music department for three years. His passion for students, music, and teaching are apparent when you visit his classroom. A catchphrase often heard from Drew, “It’s gonna be awesome!” followed by a high five or bright reassuring smile has been cherished by colleagues. His willingness to go above and beyond with extra activities such as the Swinging Bears and creating an after-school musical are beneficial for both the community but the moral of the school.

Drew has created the choreography for the music programs for every grade level and does not sit on the sidelines while teaching his students. He often gets up and models or dances routines for his students to help them feel comfortable with the moves and get his students excited about their performances.

Drew works diligently and admirably alongside his team teacher to put on a music program for each grade level every school year. The high expectations he has for his students are evident in the extraordinary performances his students present. His love and excitement for music are passed on to the students who in turn develop a love for it as well.

Through his highly dynamic and enthusiastic personality which permeates to students and colleagues, Drew is able to connect with everyone he meets. – Ware Elementary School Colleagues

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