Seitz Dragons Celebrate Kindness at General’s Birthday

Young dragons at Seitz Elementary took part in an all-school assembly which showcased the Fort Riley Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard, the Fort Riley First Infantry Band, and several speakers which included Rick Seitz (son of General Seitz). The school assembly celebrated the birthday of General Seitz and encouraged students to embrace kindness. Honored guests at the event included Honorable Pat Seitz, Dr. Cache Steinberg, Dr. Victoria Seitz, Rick Seitz, John Seitz (COL USA Retired), and Sandy Johnson of Fort Riley. District officials also attended the event and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Corbin Witt was asked to be one of two guest speakers.

Kicking off the event was the Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard who demonstrated skills that cavalry members would have developed in earlier America. Some of these skills included using a saber while on horseback, riding over obstacles, and firing revolvers while traveling on horseback.

Together students sang Happy Birthday, the school song, and the school’s CARES rap while gathered on the grassy field where the event was held.

The assembly kicked off a “Kindness Revolution” and centered around the message of being kind to one another, much like General Seitz taught through his kind deeds of the day. Students learned how General Seitz held kindness with high regard and often took the time to recognize and honor others through small acts of kindness.

Students were given bright yellow bracelets with a message of kindness to promote the event and the spirit of the man their school was named after.

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