Where’s Witt: Danger Focus

Dr. Witt visited the Danger Focus Community Leader Day hosted by the 1st Infantry Division Team on February 3, 2017. The day included a tour of the new hospital, as well as the training campus and an MRE lunch with Soldiers. Irwin Army Community Hospital is a 47-bed hospital designed with the latest medical engineering technology to deliver the best care to the Big Red One Soldiers, their families and retirees.

The Fort Riley Training Support Center (TSC) provides soldiers with state-of-the art training aids, devices, simulations and simulators. TSC supports all units of the Active Army and Reserve, as well as ROTC and other authorized units/activities.

“Not only is it (TSC) staffed with top-notch professionals, but its ability to train people in simulations so they enter into working live training on operational equipment,” Brig. Gen. John S. Kolasheski

This event was an effort to share the importance of the Danger Focus training for the 2/1 ABCT’s next mission set.


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